On Sunday, September 15, 2019, when preaching on Jesus calming the storm, Pastor Bruce asked, "Where is your faith? When the bottom falls out of your marriage, when that unexpected diagnosis comes, when that child that you’ve prayed for day after day turns away from you and away from the Lord, where is your faith? Is it in Jesus or is it in your own strength and ability?

... 'Faith,' according to the great Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, 'is a refusal to panic … It says: ‘I am not going to be controlled by these circumstances … I see the waves and the billows but’—it always puts up this ‘but’. That is faith, it holds on to truth and reasons from what it knows to be fact [and it refuses to panic].” What are some key truths that we can remember to keep us from panicking in the face of the storm?

... There are four truths [Jesus' disciples] should have remembered. ... Jesus promises that we will make it to the other side of the lake. Jesus is with us in the boat in the midst of our storm. Jesus sets an example for us of perfect trust in the Father, staying asleep despite the waves. ...  even the storms of life are under Jesus’ sovereign control."

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