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No doubt you have heard that the Premier of Ontario has increased the limit on social gatherings from five to 10 people and loosened the restrictions on all places of worship to allow the use of 30 per cent of the building capacity. This means that we can host services for up to 85 people.

Beginning Sunday, June 21, the Elders at Campbell have decided to host 2 worship services in order to accommodate as many as feel comfortable attending. Service times will be 9:30am and 11:30 am; however, we will need to know how many people would like to attend each service in order to comply with government directives. Please contact the church or speak with an elder to let us know if you plan to attend.

Between the services, we require at least a dozen volunteers to clean and disinfect common surfaces (bathrooms, door handles, Welcome Desk, etc.) and to wipe down all of the wood on the pews.

Along with additional posters and markers encouraging physical distancing and hand washing, we ask that you observe certain guidelines as we seek to navigate the inflow and outflow of people. While not mandatory, we encourage the use of face masks but ask that you bring your own.

Anyone who does not feel comfortable attending in person should not feel obligated to do so. We will continue to broadcast services on our website on Sunday morning for those who aren’t ready to meet or who are at higher risk.

Initially, we will not be providing any children's ministries and the nursery will be closed, though there will be an additional baby change station in the ladies’ bathroom, along with the one already in the accessible bathroom. We will be working on a plan to provide for Children's ministry as we review the government's recent directives for day cares.

At this point, families will be joining us in the auditorium. Please be prepared to stay in the auditorium with your children for the duration of the service, as we are not able to open other rooms.

We do ask for your patience as we learn together to navigate these unusual and ever-changing times. Look for more updates as we get closer to our opening.

Thank you.

Click here for our Action Plan for Sunday Worship.

Potential Sunday Services Timelines*

09:27 Special Music (Instrumental)
09:30 Call to Worship (Scripture)
09:35 Responsive reading (or 1 or 2 Songs)
09:40 Pastoral Prayer
09:50 Sermon
10:20 Closing Songs (1 or 2)
10:30 Benediction & Recessional

10:30 – 11:20 – Cleaning

11:27 Special Music (Instrumental)
11:30 Call to Worship (Scripture)
11:35 Responsive Reading (or 1 or 2 Songs)
11:40 Pastoral Prayer
11:50 Sermon
12:20 Closing Songs (1 or 2)
12:30 Benediction & Recessional

*This is a general framework for what services might look like as we seek to minister to as many as would like to attend.